What’s The Difference Between UV Aging Test Chamber And Xenon Aging Test Chamber?

Xenon aging test chamber and UV aging test chamber is used for the detection of rubber, paint and other composite materials exposed to natural light environment has faded, yellow, light loss, crack, surface shedding and ageing, according to the test material aging reaction time to determine its aging,but,there are some differences between them.

Principle of xenon aging test chamber is full of sunshine to simulate spectral irradiation on the test items, the spectrum contains ultraviolet, and other visible and infrared light, belonging to the simulation of the pure UV aging test chamber; and only have the greatest effect on the UV test items, compared with xenon lamp, single spectrum however, the aging intensity is much higher. Xenon aging test chamber and UV aging test chamber have their own advantages. Usually, the xenon aging test chamber is usually selected for light test, because the lighting is closest to the actual situation, and it is also the most widely used one.

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