what are the types of environmental tests?

Types of environmental tests
Types of Process/TestPurposePerformed onAttempts to simulate service environment
Element DevelopmentEarly verification that components,materials and concepts will meet specifications.Samples and prototypesYes
Design VerificationsVerify that systems will meet design specificationsAs close to production configuration as possibleYes
Reliability DevelopmentFind and eliminate design and process items that reduce reliablityAs close to production configuration as possibleNO (But sometimes misguidedly tries)
Environmental Stress Screening Transform latent failures into patent failures before delivery to the end userProduction hardware NO

Climatics is the science of measuring,analyzing,controlling and testing with climatic,weather,or meteorological  conditions.

Although they are usually thought of as being natural environments,they are often created or modified by man.

Climatics deals with variables of temperature,pressure,moisture,corrosive environments,sand&dust,icing,solar radiation,and combinations.

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