Specification for maintenance of rain test chamber

Specification for maintenance of rain test chamber

We would like to introduce some Maintenances of Rain Test Box as follows:
1. Please check the water tank has enough water before operation, If not, please fill it avoid damaging the dump.
2. Please stopped it once you heard some noisy, and rebooted after the trouble is solved, in order to avoid influence the service life of the equipments.
3. It should be kept dry when the equipment is in nonworking condition. Please drain away water of the chamber and drying the chamber.
4. After the equipment runs for a long time, if the nozzle is blocked, the pipe must be removed, washed with tap water, and then assembled;
5. Avoid external force impact equipment;
6. Chemical exposure to this equipment shall be prohibited;
7. Check the circuit control system before each start.
8. Ventilation fans should be installed in the laboratory to maintain ventilation;
9. Check the Power supply and ground Wire
10.Whether the power wire is properly connected to the specification and is truly grounded
11. The waste water discharge system of the equipment must be installed in place
12.After the test, the power supply of the whole machine will be cut off;
13.After test, the sample should be removed and the equipment should be cleaned.
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