What does the performance characteristics of the walk-in test chamber

What does the performance characteristics of the walk-in test chamber

The field of walk-in constant temperature and humidity test is becoming more and more stringent with the requirement of quality control, that makes the demand for environmental testing equipment more and more, and its application field is more and more extensive. In order to make everyone understand this chamber well. Let me introduce exactly.

Walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber using advanced LCD touch screen, you can set a variety of complex procedures, set the program using dialogue, easy to operate, quickly. With a wide range of temperature and humidity control, to meet the various needs of customers. Using a unique balance of temperature control wet way to obtain a safe, accurate temperature and humidity environment. With a stable, balanced heating, humidification performance, can be high precision, high stability of the temperature and humidity control.
Walk-in constant temperature and humidity test room equipped with high-precision intelligent temperature regulator, and temperature and humidity using LED digital display, can be selected temperature and humidity recorder. Its refrigeration circuit can be automatically selection, automatic control device can be set with the temperature automatically select the performance of the cooling circuit performance, in order to achieve high temperature direct start the refrigerator to cool. In addition to the installation of advanced protection devices such as: leakage circuit breakers, over-temperature protection, and water-break protection.

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