General Maintenance of Temperature Test Chamber

General Maintenance of Temperature Test Chamber

Reminds customer to maintain the temperature test chambers regularly.
1、Every 3 months to clean the condenser, the use of air-cooled compressor cooling, should regularly check the condensing fan and the decontamination dust to ensure its good ventilation and heat transfer performance. For the use of water-cooled compressor cooling, in addition to the need to ensure its water pressure and water temperature, but also must ensure that the corresponding flow, and regularly clean the inside of the condenser cleaning to obtain its sustained heat transfer performance.
2 、Adhere to the professional management of professional maintenance, conditional units should be sent from time to time to the supplier factory training and learning to get more professional maintenance, maintenance experience and ability.
3 、High and low temperature test chamber General We recommend that it be placed at a temperature of 8 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, do not have this condition of the laboratory, to be equipped with the appropriate air conditioner.
4、 Regular cleaning of the evaporator: due to the cleanliness of different samples, in the forced wind circulation on the evaporator will gather a lot of dust and other small particles, should be cleaned regularly.
5、 Long-term shutdown is not used when the product should be regularly every half of the electricity, power time is not less than 1 hour.
6 、Circulation fan, condenser fan cleaning and balance similar to the cleaning evaporator, due to exquisite thermal test chamber work environment varies, the circulation fan and condenser fan will gather a lot of dust and other small particles, should be regularly cleaned.
7 、Water and humidifier cleaning: If the waterway is poor, humidifier scaling easily lead to humidifier dry, may damage the humidifier, so the water and the humidifier must be cleaned regularly.
8、 Adhere to the end of each test after the temperature set in the vicinity of the ambient temperature, work for 30 minutes or so after the cut off the power, and clean the studio wall.
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