Four reasons resulting in the test result error of salt spray chamber

Four reasons resulting in the test result error of salt spray chamber

Salt spray test chamber main for test the property of corrosion resistance of products’ surface, including electroplating, inorganic film, anti-rust oil and paint materials and other products. However, the device has the existence of test error. So many users also expressed doubts about the need for more accurate test data. Equipment in the course of the trial cannot ensure that 100% of the correct, in any case a little bit of data error. So what is the reason for it? According to the user feedback, have following reasons:
First, the salt spray test chamber with their own error
On account the design, manufacture and verification imperfection and the use of the test chamber in the process of its components aging, mechanical parts wear, fatigue and other phenomena formed by the error. Not only these parts will cause errors, but also various auxiliary equipment or accessories are likely to cause errors.
Second, the error caused by the test method
The method of operation should be carried out in accordance with the correct and standardized steps, and the test method should be reasonably improved. When the equipment test is based on the theory is not preciseness, unreasonable operation and the approximate formula or approximation of the calculation results and other factors will lead to test error.
Third,the environment and the operator cause the error
Due to the actual environmental conditions differ from rated conditions caused error, the main factors are temperature, power supply voltage and electromagnetic interference. In addition, the operator's incorrect operation is one of the factors , the main reason is because the staff of the poor ability to distinguish, visual fatigue, detector speed is slow, bad habits and lack of responsibility and so on.
Fourth, the error caused by the instability of the test sample
Salt spray test need a long time, if the test time to test the instability of the sample changes occur, that even if the performance of salt spray test chamber is no way to get the correct test data. 

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