How to add Water to Saturated Tank

How to add Water to Saturated Tank 

A) Open the power control cabinet door, you can see the transparent water level indicator on the saturated tank, observe the actual position of the saturated barrel and the position of the highest water level (top of the water level indicator). 
B) Open the water adding valve of the saturated barrel (the water adding valve is open when it is perpendicular to the water pipe and is close when it is in parallel with the water pipe). 
C) Add purified water to the water adding inlet as shown in the figure (do not add the brine into it by mistake), and make sure to observe the water level sign. When the water level meets the requirement, stop adding water and close the water adding a hand-control valve. 
Attention: if there is not sufficient water in the saturator, please add proper amount of Purified water or distilled water into it. If in the fog spray state, please stop fog spray. 
When adding water, firstly open the charging valve of the saturated barrel, and add into it from the water supply inlet of the saturated barrel and close the charging valve after adding the water.
The Water Checking of Saturated Barrel 

Check the water level of the saturated barrel. Open the chamber door of the power distribution cabinet on the right side of the equipment, the saturated barrel is located at the right lower corner of the equipment, and the transparent water pipe on the saturated barrel is the water level indicator. The water level reaching 80% of the full chamber of the saturated barrel is appropriate. When the water level falls to 40% of the full, it is necessary to replenish water in time to avoid causing the test to stop in the middle due to water shortage. 
When adding water to the saturated barrel, the water level should not be too high. When water level is too high, air may enter the saturated barrel to bring out a lot of water to the sprinkler head, causing the spray volume to increase, and the actual salt fog settlement is not accurate. 
When adding water, make sure to pay attention to the water supply inlet position to avoid adding water into the brine chamber and influencing the concentration of the test solution, thereby influencing the final test, or adding brine into the saturator by mistake. 

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