Ozone gas what harm to human body ​

Ozone gas what harm to human body ​

Ozone is mainly from the surface of the earth 20 km of the ozone layer, is the oxygen allotropy, mainly from human activities, automobiles, fuel and other important sources of pollution to produce ozone.
If you inhale the ozone can cause respiratory infections, contact with the ozone will increase the existing respiratory diseases, and damage people's lung function, because the ozone is very strong corrosive.
Ozone also on the human skin in the vitamin E until the destruction of the role, will lead to human skin wrinkling, dark spots, decreased vision, memory loss, but also damage the body's immune capacity, induced lymphocyte chromosomal lesions, accelerated aging, Copier toner heat generated by ozone is a strong carcinogen, it will cause all kinds of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
From these aspects, the harm of ozone on the human body is very large, ozone aging test chamber is to simulate and strengthen the atmospheric ozone conditions, the role of ozone on the rubber and the law, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber anti-ozone aging performance And anti-ozone agent protective efficacy of the method, so as to take effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products.

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