How To Solve Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber Common Problems

publisher: Lisa Zhong
Time: 2008-06-17

How To Solve Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber Common Problems

 In the constant temperature and humidity chamber to do the test did not meet the temperature reached the temperature index, low temperature slow, Can effectively help you!

First, constant temperature and humidity chamber can not reach the target temperature, and cooling is very slow, then we will observe the temperature changes, the temperature drop is very slow, or a certain temperature to a temperature rise after the trend

Second, if the temperature rise in the high temperature test is very slow, we must look at the wind circulatory system, look at the adjustment of the wind cycle is to open the normal baffle, on the contrary, to check the wind cycle motor is running properly

Third, the equipment temperature is less than the requirements may be wet ball sensor on the gauze caused by drying, it is necessary to check the wet bulb sensor water tank is water, the water level in the sink is automatically controlled by a water level controller, check the water level control Water supply system is normal water supply, water level controller is working properly

Constant temperature and humidity chamber, because of the use of time, so running time is too long inevitably there will be some kind of a variety of small failures, usually pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance, generally can be avoided.

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