Salt spray test why obviously enough water to show low water level

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Time: 2007-08-13
Summary: Salt spray test can be divided into two kinds: neutral salt spray and acid salt spray. The difference is that the standard is different from the test method, which is called "NSS" and "CASS" test.

Salt spray test why obviously enough water to show low water level

There are three possibilities:

1, the new salt water, from the medicine box to the spray box has a time, warning lights will be extinguished after a while.

2, plus medicine box to the spray box pipe blockage, if so, spray box without salt water. Remove the spray tower to see if there is any water below.

3, the water level sensor is broken. Only to find salt spray machine manufacturers repair.

What is the reason why the salt corrosion spray test machine does not spray?

1. The air compressor is not running;

2. Air compressor outlet switch does not open the total;

3. Electromagnetic valve failure;

4. Pressure gauge failure or pressure is too low;

5. Electromagnetic contactor failure;

6 nozzle is bad, the nozzle block preheat tank glass filter resistance;

7. A primary regulator failure:

8. Secondary regulator failure:

9. Trachea aging, rupture caused

10. The glass filter is blocked

11. The brine bucket has no brine

We engaged in production and maintenance of salt spray machine sales for more than a decade, not spray is a very common failure phenomenon.

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