Experimental Principle Of Rain Test Chamber

publisher: Lisa Zhong
Time: 2008-10-22
Summary: Rain test chamber used to test the mobile phone, tablet PC, camera, LCD TV and other high-end electronic products shell seal, simulation in heavy rain, heavy rain and other circumstances, the equipment and components of the performance is good.
The rain test chamber mainly depend on mechanical transmission to achieve the test turntable,The driving mechanism of the turntable drives the worm through the motor to drive the worm gear to reach the specified speed, the pendulum is driven by the electric drive gear reducer drives the gear lever, the swing rod drive screw rod is driven by a motor speed reducer, reducer directly drives the rotary rod working face.

Water spray and water pressure can be adjusted by the size of the switch ball valve.

The angle of the pendulum tube and the frequency of the pendulum tube are respectively changed by changing the position of the connecting rod on the eccentric wheel and by changing the speed of the motor.

The rotating speed of the worktable of the test piece is realized by adopting a worm gear reducer and a frequency converter to change the motor speed. A shaft sleeve device is arranged on the rotating shaft of the worktable, and can be adjusted up and down axially so as to adapt to different test pieces.

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