The Grade Of Waterproof and Dustproof

publisher: Lisa Zhong
Time: 2011-06-30
Summary: 1 dust testing machine / dust (dust) test box is mainly used for the shell protection level standards in the IP5X and IP6X two levels of testing. 2 Suitable for sealing performance test and reliability test of the product, check the sealing performance of the electronic and electrical products, automobile, motorcycle parts, seals, etc.

The P-Class system provides a method for sorting products by means of dust, water and anti-collision in electrical equipment and packaging. This system is approved by most European countries and is packaged in IEC529 (BSEN 60529: 1992) Protection level (IP code) announced.

0 No protection No protection

1 can withstand more than 50mm of solid matter.

2 can withstand the diameter of more than 12mm diameter, the length of not more than 80mm solid material.

3 can withstand the diameter of more than 2.5mm solid material.

4 can withstand solid matter with a diameter of more than 1.0mm.

5 dust, limited access (no harmful deposits). Can withstand low pressure water jet from any direction - allowing limited access.

6 dust is difficult to enter, completely dustproof. Can withstand strong water column jet from any direction - allowing limited access.

IP test chamber

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