The Harm Of Humidity To Electronic Chip

publisher: Lisa Zhong
Time: 2017-11-01
Summary: Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is a test equipment that can simulate high or low temperature,high or low humidity.

The Harm Of Humidity To Electronic Chip


Chip is widely used in our daily life, mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablet computers, electronic equipment, communications equipment, etc., but how much do you know about the chip? Today, let's take a look at the impact of humidity on chips.


Trace moisture in the environment of electronic industry growth / cut / crystal epitaxial /IC circuit design of /IC /IC and SMT TAB/IC test circuit board assembly / circuit board pressing various consumer and professional electronic parts, finished products, household appliances, instruments / equipment (table)... Can cause problems that can not be ignored.


1. liquid crystal device:

Liquid crystal display and other liquid crystal devices glass substrate and polarizer, filter piece in the production process although cleaning and drying, but after its cooling, will still be affected by moisture, reduce the product pass rate. Therefore, it should be stored in the drying environment below 40%RH after washing and drying.


2. other electronic devices: resistance furnace, capacitor, ceramic components, connectors, switches, PCR, IC, LED, tin, SMD, chip, quartz oscillator, SMT patch electrode material, adhesives and electronic devices such as sauces, high brightness, are subjected to wet damage.


3, in the process of operation of electronic devices: semi-finished products in the package to the next procedure; PCB package before and after package to electricity; after unpacking but not yet finished using IC, BGA, PCB and other devices; for tin welding; baking temperature returning device to be completed; no packaging of finished products so, would be wet damage. Therefore, the need for professional electronic moisture-proof cabinet to the workshop and warehouse air strict humidity control, in order to achieve the electronic components workshop production and warehouse storage required for the best air relative humidity standards.


4, finished electronic machine such as in high humidity temperature environment storage time is long, will lead to failure, for computer board, CPU and so on will make gold finger oxidation lead to bad contact, fault occurs. The humidity of the production of electronic products and storage environment of products should be below 40%. Some varieties of electronic products require even lower humidity.


Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is a test equipment that can simulate high or low temperature,high or low humidity.Climate Instrument has over 10 years of industry experience in designing and manufacturing environmental chambers and temperature controlled products. If you have interested in it,you can contact us or visit our website.

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