How Long Will Your Car Stick To Challenge Of The Extreme Cold

publisher: Daniel Huang
Time: 2017-12-12
Summary: Environmental Chamber can simulate extreme cold and hot to test your product and provide you a better quality.

In December 8th, the 2017 China mass production vehicle performance competition (CCPC) ended the war in Yakeshi.A spectacular battle of honor in the ice and snow fortress.Why is there a competition like this,today,we will talk about that.

A good car must be able to withstand the test environment, to ensure the safety of the problem does not appear in the driving process, including heat and cold, many parts of the car in hot or cold state operation is likely to fail, to shorten the life of the car.

Climate Tester can provide environmental test chamber and climatic test chamber to test these products,we can even test the whole car in produce process or usage.

environmental chamber

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