Will Cell Phone Battery Power Consumption Be Affected By The Environment Change?

publisher: daniel Huang
Time: 2017-12-20
Summary: Environmental Test Chamber is a test chamber that can simulate various climates to test your battery,your phone,etc.

Everyone may have questions, why winter cell phone batteries are not durable. The summer can be used 1% or even longer.

Will cell phone battery power consumption be affected by temperature or environment change?

Lithium batteries, in low temperature environment, will increase the amount of power generation, in high temperature environment, will be lower than normal temperature.

Specifically understood as: high temperature, lithium-ion migration speed, lithium electrode and hydrogen storage electrode in the case of high temperature decomposition or the formation of hydrogen to reduce power consumption. In low temperature lithium-ion activity slow, need more voltage to drive the battery to work properly, resulting in greater battery consumption.

Climate Tester can provide environmental chamber,walk-in test chamber and thermal shock test chamber to test battery and cellphone,which has high percision and can simulate the natural environment to detect the impact of the product in the environment.

environmental test chamber

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