What Effect Will Have Environment On The Development Of Electric Vehicles?

publisher: Daniel Huang
Time: 2017-12-22
Summary: Environmental Test Chambers are test equipments that can simulate different climates to test products and see if they can bear the extreme climates.

Electric cars are currently the product of human development of new energy sources, due to the impact on the environment relative to the smaller traditional cars, the prospects are widely optimistic. However, the climate and environment also have a certain degree of impact on electric vehicles.


Tesla once encountered in Norway, the biggest embarrassing thing is not out of power, we can see that the climate has a greater impact on electric vehicles Ring.


Long time at low temperature charging, battery life will decline rapidly.

Therefore, although the low temperature environment has little effect on the battery discharge performance, it will seriously affect the battery charging performance, and greatly shorten battery life.


The impact of the climate will involve all aspects of the car, auto parts and engines may be abnormal,etc.Climate Tester can provide environmental test chamber that can simulate kinds of climates to test products,see if products can suffer impact of extreme climates,if you want to know more information ,you can contact us or visit the website.

environmental test chamber

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