Thermal Shock Test Chamber Principle and Characteristics

Time: 2018-12-25
Summary: Thermal Shock Test Chamber is used for electrical and electronic components, automation, communication components, auto parts, metal parts, chemical materials, plastic and other industries
Thermal Shock Test Chamber is used for electrical and electronic components, automation, communication components, auto parts, metal parts, chemical materials, plastic and other industries, the defense industry, aerospace, industrial, BGA, PCB base, electronic chip IC, semiconductor ceramics and physical shape change of polymer material, to test the material to pull over and over again and the product in high/low temperature heat bilges cold shrink output of chemical or physical damage, can confirm the quality of products, from precision IC to heavy mechanical components, there is no ideal testing tools do not need it.

1. The product is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure, advanced in technology and exquisite in material selection. It has simple and convenient operation performance and reliable equipment performance.The equipment is divided into three parts: high temperature box, low temperature box and test box. It adopts unique heat break structure and heat storage and cold storage effect. During the test, the object to be tested is completely static.
2. Adopt the most advanced measuring device, the controller adopts the large color liquid crystal man-machine touch control dialogue LCD man-machine interface controller, simple operation, easy to learn, stable and reliable, Chinese and English display the complete system operation status, execution and setting program curve.With 96 test specifications independently set, the impact time 999 hours 59 minutes, cycle cycle 1~999 times can be set, can realize the refrigerator automatic operation, to the maximum extent of automation, reduce the workload of operators, can automatically start, stop working at any time;
3. There is a 50mm diameter test hole on the left side of the box, which can be used for testing components of external power load wiring.The function of high temperature, low temperature and cold and hot shock can be set independently, and the function of two groove or three groove and cold and hot shock can be selected when the cold and hot shock condition is implemented. It has the function of high and low temperature testing machine.
4. It is equipped with automatic, high-precision system loop and any movement of the machine parts, fully handled by P.L.C locking, and all controlled by P.I.D automatic calculus, with high precision of temperature control.Complete safety protection device, avoid any potential safety hazards, ensure the long-term reliability of the equipment
5. The number of cycles and defrosting times can be set automatically (manually). The outlet is controlled by the return air taste indicator, the switching time of the damper mechanism is within 10 seconds, and the recovery time of the cold and hot shock temperature of ms-test brand is within 5 minutes.Status display and curve display during operation. When abnormal conditions occur, the fault point and reason will be automatically displayed on the screen immediately and the troubleshooting method will be provided. Emergency shutdown device will be provided when the input power is found to be unstable.
6. Refrigeration system using complex overlapping efficient cryogenic loop system design, refrigerating set by Europe and the United States imported compressor, and using green environmental protection refrigerants of ozone coefficient is zero 404 a, R23. Super safety protection function: over current protection, leakage protection, control circuit overload, short circuit protection, compressor protection, earthing protection, overtemperature protection, alarm, voice prompt, and so on.

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