Electronic Products Testing
Electronic Products Testing
The use of electronic products is more and more widespread, people's lives can not be separated from electronic products, electronic product safety has become crucial. Environmental chambers are utilized in the electronics industry to test various components such as circuit boards, semiconductors, sensors, memory drives, power supplies, batteries, touch screens, capacitors and resistors, switches / connectors, and electronic components.Climate Tester offers a wide range of environmental test chambers for the electronics market to meet a variety of industry standards such as IEC, ISO, JEDEC and others.

Electronic products’ safety and reliability testing including high temperature testing, corrosion testing, waterproof testing, dust testing, etc, involving the following environmental test chambers:
Environmental Test Chamber
Environmental test chamber used to test and determine the product after high temperature, low temperature,
humidity or constant temperature changes in the test performance  
Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Thermal shock test chamber
test tolerance degree of products 
in an instant under extremely high and low temperature in a continuous
Salt Spray Test Chamber
Salt spray test chamber adapted to test the surface treatment of various materials and corrosion resistance 
of their products after these
anti- corrosive treatment.
Dust Test Chamber
Dust test chamber can evaluate the ability of the product to resist penetration of dust particles and to resist the abrasive or clogging effects of gravel.when exposed to dusty environment.
Water Spray Test Chamber
Water spray test chamber is suitable for products to test performance in the rain environment.
High Temperature Water Chamber
Water spray test chamber applied to testing automotive lamps, paper packaging, motorcycle instrumentation and low-voltage electrical protection shell waterproof performance.
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