Communications Testing
Communications Testing
The communications industry's impact in life is irreplaceable, reliability and safety are also crucial. Communications equipment is mostly used outdoors, the communications industry test cases require compliance with various test specifications, including the Telcordia test requirements. Common test equipment includes cell phones, switch gear, connectors, fiber optics, line protectors, outdoor network interface equipment, switch racks, network switching systems, etc. Environmental test chamber establish product quality and reliability by simulating the test conditions seen during product use, shipping, or storage conditions.

The communications industry commonly used to the following test

High temperature testing

Low temperature testing

Sand and dust testing

Corrosion testing

Aging testing

Rain testing

All of the above testing can be done with the test chamber in Climate Tester

Climatic Test Chamber
Climatic test chamber used to test and determine parameters and performance of products after the test of high temperature, low temperature, humidity or constant temperature changes in the environment. 
Walk In Test Chamber
Walk in test chamber is available for whole car testing and simulate temperature and humidity. Test chamber can be tailor-designed to meet your requirements and specifications. 
Vibration Test Machine
Vibration test machine used to simulate the electrical,electronic, automotive parts and other products involved in the transport and test its product vibration resistance.
Dust Test Chamber
Dust test chamber use artificial dust environment to test the ability of dust proof,dust test chamber is mainly used for automotive low-voltage,electrical appliances,etc.
IPX9K Water Test Chamber
Water Spray Test Chamber is able to simulate realistic products may be subject to the water spray and other climates during transport,to detect a variety of products waterproof performance.
Anti Yellowing Aging Chamber
Anti-yellowing Aging Test Chamber can simulate the atmospheric environment to test product in sunlight and see if the appearance of product will changes. 
Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Thermal shock test chambers can test chemical changes or physical damage in the shortest time caused by thermal expansion and contraction.
Corrosion Test chamber
Corrosion test chamber can test products anti-corrosion and corrosion-resistant capacity in a variety of natural environments or specific harsh environment.
Water Spray Test Chamber

Water spray test chamber is mainly used to do waterproof performance test and IP waterproof rating test for products.

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