Rubber & Plastic Testing
Rubber & Plastic Testing
Rubber and plastic products in the production and use of the process will be the natural environment, corrosion and damage, especially color degradation and corrosion aging is the most serious.Climate Tester can provide the most professional testing equipment and testing programs to help extend the use of your product period.
Ozone Aging Test Chamber
Ozone aging test chamber use ozone generator to produce high concentrations of ozone,can be used for non-metallic 
materials,organic materials (coatings, rubber, plastics,paints, pigments, etc.) aging test under ozone conditions.
UV Aging Test Chamber
UV aging chamber can simulate UV, rain, heat, humidity, condensation, dark and other climatic conditions,by reproducing these 
conditions,merged into a cycle and let it complete cycle automatically.
Xenon aging Test Chamber
Xenon aging test chamber can accurately simulate the changes when material exposed to the sun in different 
environmental conditions,the light fastness of material was determined.
Anti-yellowing Test Chamber
Anti-yellow aging test chamber can simulate the atmospheric environment to test product in  sunlight and see if the appearance of product will changes.
Stability Test Chamber
Stability test chamber used to test and determine parameters and performance 
of products after the test of high temperature,low temperature, humidity or constant temperature changes in the environment.
Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Thermal shock test chamber is designed 
according  to user requirements for Product and parts test under high and
low temperature impact.

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