Water Spray Test Chamber For IPX3 4 Water Test

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Item specifics
Spray nozzleDiameter: 0.4mm, removable
Internal chamber materialStainless steel 304
Observation windowWaterproof Toughened glass
Oscillating speedIPX3:for 4s IPX4:for 12s
Distance between two nozzles50mm
Turntable rotation speed1-3 cycles/min
Water flow of each nozzle0.07 L/min +5%
Test duration1~999,999min, adjustable
Water pressureWater pressure 80-150Kpa
Water cycling systemBuilt-in chamber bottom for recycling
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 Water Spray Test Chamber For IPX3 4 Water Test

Product profile:

Water spray test chamber is performing tests according to variousstandards; UL, EN 60529 and for protection code testing (IP-Code) for spray andsplash water systems. It performs test for the protection of housings againstingress of water.Water spray test chamber has an automatic option where a timer will be set from 1sec. to 999 h. The apparatus offers integrated circulation equipment thatreduces the water consumption of the tests. it can also be applied to IP X1/X2drip device, IP X3/X4 swiveling tube, IP X3/X4 spray head, IP X5/X6 jet nozzleand IP X9K high pressure jet nozzle. 

Technical Parameter:




Internal dimension (W*D*H)




External dimension (W*D*H)




Oscillating tube

Radius 200mm

Radius 300mm


Internal chamber material

Stainless steel  304

External chamber material

Stainless steel

Observation window

Waterproof Toughened glass

Oscillating angle


IPX3: spray ±60° from vertical line to each side, total 120°

IPX4: spray ±180° from vertical line to each side, total 360°

Oscillating speed


IPX3:for 4s

IPX4:for 12s

Spray nozzle

Diameter: 0.4mm, removable

Distance between two nozzles


Turntable diameter




Turntable rotation speed

1-3 cycles/min

Water flow of each nozzle

0.07 L/min +5%

Test duration

1~999,999min, adjustable

Water pressure


Water cycling system

Built-in chamber bottom for recycling

Power source

Single-phase, AC220V, 50/60HZ


·Waterpressure regulators, gauges and flow meters

·Watercirculation system to reduce water consumption

·Adjustableswivel angle

·Replaceableswivel tubes

·Nozzlefittings can be swiveled

·Exchangeablenozzle fittings

·Adjustablewater volume flow

·Measurementof water volume flow

Water Spray Test Chamber

Water Dripping Test (MeetIPX1 and IPX2 test) 

·Drip box size:1000x1000mm (or 500x500mm) ,or custom size as option

·Needlediameter: 0.4mm

·Distancebetween needle: 20mm

·Droppingrate: 1mm+0.5mm/min (IPX1),3mm+0.5mm/min (IPX2) 

·Droppingheight: 200mm (adjustable)

·Withrotating table, diameter 700mm, 1rpm,

·15o tiltplate, height adjustable    

Water Spray Test Chamber

Rain Spray System (Meet IPX3 and IPX4, 4Ktest)  

·Nozzlediameter: 0.4mm

·Nozzledistance: 50mm

·Flowrate: 0.07L/min (IPX3,4), 0.6+/-0.5L/min(IPX4K)

·ArmRadius: 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm,1000mm, 1200mm or 1500mm

·Rotatingangle: +/-270, adjustable.

·Rotatingspeed: adjustable

·Rotatingtable:  speed is adjustable

·Adjustablespray flow and spray time. 

·With0-400kPa adjustable pressure regulator

·All304 stainless steel design, both interior and exterior

Water Spray Test Chamber

JetNozzle (Meet IPX5 and IPX6 test)

·6.3mmnozzle diameter, for IPX5 test. Water flow: 12.5L/min.

·12.5mmnozzle diameter, for IPX6 test.Water flow: 100L/min.

·MeetIEC60529, IEC60335

·WaterPumping System as option

Water Spray Test Chamber

Water PumpingSystem (For IPX1,2, IPX3,4, IPX5,6)

·Water pump for large flow: 0-7m3/h

·Water pump for small flow: 0-3m3/h

·With water filters

·Pressure display and water flow display

·Safety overload protection on pump and motor

Water Spray Test Chamber

 PLC Controller:

·PLC + touch screen interface

·test parameter setting and monitoring 

Water Spray Test Chamber

Water spray test chamber meet standard:

JIS, ISO, IEC60529, DIN40050, GB2423, GB4208

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