Hot Air Circulation Drying And Heating Oven

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Item specifics
Drying oven work sizeDeep 960 (L) x width1760 (W) x 1420 mm (H)
Drying oven outside diameter sizeDeep 1200 (L) x width 2200(W) x 1860 mm (H)
The rated powerThree phase four wire, 380 v, 50 hz
The highest working temperature300°C
Using the temperatureRoom temperature + 10 ~ 300 °C can be arbitrarily set
Heating zones1 zone
Heating element connectionY
Heating power24 kw
The temperature control modeUsing digital intelligent microcomputer PLD
Temperature control precision±1°C
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Hot Air Circulation Drying And Heating Oven 


Hot Air drying oven, also known as "oven", divided into dry and vacuum dry, drying is blowing hot air through the circulating fan to ensure that the temperature inside the box, vacuum drying is that vacuum pump draws out the air inside the box, the pressure inside the box below the normal pressure, so that the product can be tested in a very clean state, is a commonly used equipment, mainly used to dry the sample, can also provide the required temperature environment for the experiment.


1.1 Hot Air drying oven adopts monolithic, thermal insulation layer is made of high quality mineral wool, shell, hot air circulation device, electric control cabinet on the right side of the oven is convenient for operation, drying cabinet equipped with new air in and out of port, the cabinet ventilation duct and hot air circulation fan, drying the casing.

1.2 Case material: body skeleton adopts  40 x 40 mm Angle steel welded together, enclosure wall material is 0.8 mm thick stainless steel plate; Wind layer is made of thick 1 (SPCC) cold rolling steel plate, the outer wall material is 1 mm cold rolled high carbon steel, body surface coating light gray paint. 

1.3 Thermal insulation material: high quality mineral wool, the thickness of the insulation layer design requirements to ensure that the oven in the rated operating temperature range, casing outer wall temperature at room temperature + 25 °C or less; > 100 mm insulation layer thickness of insulating layer at the bottom of the oven about 80 mm.

1.4 Door sealing strip:High temperature resistant asbestos rope seal

1.5 The door is:Design to open the door and the door is manual flat open, the door is steel structure steel and precision of high qualified steel plate assembly welding and into.

1.6 The door is sealed:USES the manual of the rod handle and the door is the soft edge sealing device, pressure can make the door and enclosure, make sure remain the state of closed box in the process of production, to eliminate the hot gases to escape, improved working environment, guarantee the box temperature uniformity and enhance energy saving effect. 

1.7 The wind but I:Wind but made of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel plate surface blunt D13 holes, is used to control the air flow, to improve the drying oven temperature uniformity. 

Product Main specifications:Hot Air drying oven



Temperature range

Ambient ~ 250℃

Internal dimension (W*D*H)


External dimension (W*D*H)


Temperature control accuracy

± 1℃


LED display, PID Temperature Control & Timing Device

Internal material

Stainless steel # 304

External material

Galvanized steel plate

Insulation material

High density silicate insulation fiber, high temperature resistant sealer

Sample tray

Stainless steel, 2pcs



Protection device

Over Temperature Protection, Heater Short Circuit, Motor Overheating & Leakage.


Audible and visual alarm

Hot Air drying oven meet standard: 

ISO 9001:2000; ISO 9001:2008; QS-9000; ISO 14001:2004; CE, SGS, SMC, CMC, CPA, CE,CMA,IMC

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