Xenon Arc Lamp Aging Test Chamber

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Item specifics
Internal Dimension (W*D*H)760*500*600mm
Chamber humidity range55%~90% R.H
Black panel temperature45℃~90℃, adjustable
FilterDaylight filter
Humidification powerStainless steel surface evaporative humidifier
External Dimension (W*D*H)1350*1200*1750mm
Temperature uniformity≤±3℃
Communication portRS232 to connect computer for output
Air circulation systemStainless steel centrifugal rotor vane to improve the uniformity of temperature and humidity
Water spray systemWater spray time 999 minutes settable
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Xenon Arc Lamp Aging Test Chamber 

Product introduction:

Xenon Aging Test Chamber can simulate the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew, using xenon lamp simulation of the effect of sunlight, the use of condensed moisture to simulate the rain and dew, the test material is placed in a certain temperature alternating light and moisture cycling program for aging testing.



Xenon aging test chamber can help select new materials, revamp existing materials, and evaluate how formulation changes can affect product durability.Xenon aging chamber used to evaluate the plastic rubber, paint, textile printing and dyeing materials such as weather aging resistance.

  Main Parameter:



Internal Dimension (W*D*H)


External Dimension (W*D*H)


Internal chamber material

SUS 304 # Stainless Steel, anti-rust

External chamber material

Cold-rolled steel with spray

Chamber humidity range

55%~90% RH

Chamber temperature


Black panel temperature

45℃~95℃, adjustable

Temperature uniformity



Window glass filter / daylight filter

Light source

Air cooled long arc xenon lamp

Xenon lamp power

1.8KW * 3pcs = 5.4KW

Irradiance strength


Control system

LCD programmable controller,

Auto display irradiance, capacity: 100 groups program, 99 cycles.

Illumination time

1~999 hours, adjustable

Water spray system

Water spray time 999 minutes settable

Interval spray time, 1~240 minutes settable

Sample holder

Stainless steel, 1pc

Distance from sample

holder to lamp



Nickel-chromium alloy electric heater

Humidification power

Stainless steel surface evaporative humidifier

Insulation materials

Supper fine glass fiber

Temperature sensor

PT100 high precision sensor

Air circulation system

Stainless steel centrifugal rotor vane to improve the uniformity of temperature and humidity

Standard accessories

Xenon lamp x 3pcs;

Humidification cotton x 5pcs;

English user manual x 1pc;

Operation video x 1pc

Xenon aging test chamber applications: 

1. using a xenon arc lamp to simulate the whole spectrum of sunlight reproduction under different environments of the destructive wave:

2. Provides environmental simulation and acceleration tests for scientific research, product development, and quality control.

3. Can be used for the selection of new materials, improvement of existing materials, or assessment of changes in durability of materials after changes in composition.

4. Can well simulate changes in materials exposed to sunlight under different environmental conditions

Xenon aging test chamber meets but not limited following standard:

GB12831-86 Vulcanized rubber artificial  climate (xenon lamp) Aging Test Method

GB/T1644.2-1999Plastics laboratory light exposure test method

GB/T8427-89 textile color fastness test, resistance  to artificial light fastness xenon arc

GB/T1865-97 Paints, varnishes, artificial weather aging and artificial radiation exposure

GB/T16991-97 textile color fastness test,

GB/T5137.3-96 simulated climate test method of resistant to radiation, heat, humidity, burning

GB/T16259-96 color building materials, artificial climate accelerated aging test method.

Xenon Aging Test Chamber News


Xenon aging test chamber view:

Xenon Aging Test Chamber

Xenon Aging Test Chamber

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