Formaldehyde Test Chamber

Group Temperature Humidity Test Chamber
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Update Time 2018-05-16
Item specifics
Inner volume(1.0±0.02)m³
Test temperature range(10—40)℃, accuracy:±0.5℃, Resolution 0.1℃, Adjustable
test humidity adjustable range(30—80)%, accuracy:±3%, Resolution 0.1%, Adjustable
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Formaldehyde Test Chamber

Product Description:

Technique Data:

Resolution 0.1℃, Adjustable

Resolution 0.1%, Adjustable



10-3×1m³/min, import and export air differ1%

glass apparatus, standard solution, Balance

Put sample of 1 square meterarea into the temperature chamber which controlled control in a certain valueof temperature, relative humidity, air velocity. The formaldehyde released from samples, mixed withthe air in the cabinet, regular extraction in the air, and the air will bedrawn through the absorption bottle is filled with distilled water, all theformaldehyde in air dissolve in the water; Measure the amount of formaldehydein the absorption solution and extraction of air volume, and show it bymicrograms per cubic meter (mg/m after), calculate the amount of formaldehydein per cubic meter of air. Sampling is cyclical, until the test theformaldehyde concentration in the oven to reach equilibrium.

  4. The control program andoperation interface are in accordance with the relevant test standardoptimization design and simplely convenient operation.

5. It changed the existingreciprocating humidify the fog, dew point method is used to humidify, make thecasing humidity change smoothly, thus greatly improve the accuracy of moisturecontrol.

9. Protection device: climate,water tank has high and low temperature dew point alarm protection with highand low water level alarm protective measures.

Integration of the whole machine structure iscompact; Installation, debugging and use is very simple.

Formaldehyde Test Chamber