Salt Spray Environmental Test Chamber

Group Salt Corrosion Test Chamber
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Update Time 2018-06-04
Item specifics
Product NameSalt Spray Test Chamber
Chamber materialP.V.C rigid plastic plate, thickness 8mm
Sample trayDiameter 10mm glass fiber rod, anti-rust
Temperature RangeRoom temperature ~ 55℃
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Salt Spray Environmental Test Chamber

Product Introduction:

Salt Spray Environmental TestChamber is ideal for testing the resistance to saltspray corrosion of some products by measuring and comparing similar materials,their usability quality. It is applicable to test salt spray corrosionresistance of such products as parts, electronic components, protective layerof metallic material and industrial products.



Internal Size (W*D*H)


External Size (W*D*H)


Chamber material

P.V.C rigid plastic plate, thickness 8mm

Sample tray

Diameter 10mm glass fiber rod, anti-rust

V-shape plastic steel to make sure sample in 15~30 degree inclined

Temperature Range

Room temperature ~ 55℃

Temperature Fluctuations


Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Precision


Spraying method

Continuous and Periodic spray type

Test Chamber Temperature

Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS)35±1℃
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method (CASS) 50±1℃

Saturated air Barrel Temperature

Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS)47±1℃
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method (CASS) 63±1℃

Brine Temperature


Spray Quantity

1.0~2.0 ml / 80cm2 / hr

PH value

Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS6.5~7.2)
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method(CASS)3.0~3.2

Lab Volume


Brine Tank Capacity


Multiple Safety Protection Devices

Current discharge protection, over pressure protection, over temperature protection, over load fuse protection


Testing Salt/ Measuring tank/Nozzle Equipment x 1 set

Air source

1HP Air pump (provided by buyer)

Test criteria

ASTM B117-08, ISO 9227

Salt Spray Environmental Test Chamber Meet Following Standards:

1.ASTM.B117-97salt spray test

2.JISH8502 salt spray test

3.IEC68-2-11salt spray test

4.IEC68-2-521996 salt spray test

5.GB.10587-89  salt spray test

6.CNS.4158  salt spray test

7.CNS.4159CASS  Accelerated acetic acid copper saltspray test

8.GB/T12967.3-91 CASS  Accelerated acetic acidcopper salt spray test

Product Features

1, Durable 8 mm PVC construction,anti-corrosion and easy to clean.

2, Reservoirs with mixing systemon stand.

3, Separate heating system apartfrom salt testing chamber to ensure accurate result and protect circuit.

4, Exposure zone lined withcorrosion-resistant PVC sheets.

5, Clear cover allows viewing oftest conditions.

6, Peaked cover prevents drippingof condensation onto samples.

7, Water seal and water levelprotection system.

8, Heated humidifying tower withair relief valve, adjustable tower tip to orient salt fog.

9, Automatic DI water fills tohumidifying tower.

10, Digital temperature control.

11, Integral over-protection onheaters.

12, Low water cut-off protectionon humidifying tower.

Salt Spray Environmental Test Chamber Image

Salt Spray Environmental Test Chamber