Salt Corrosion Test Chamber

Group Salt Corrosion Test Chamber
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product namesalt corrosion test chamber
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Salt Corrosion Test Chamber


SaltCorrosion Test Chamber is used to test the anti-erosion quality of the surface of allmaterials after the rust-proof of painting, coating, electroplating, anodingand rust-proof of greasing.anti corrosion treatment for a variety of materials,corrosion resistance of their products.




Internal Size (W*D*H)


External Size (W*D*H)


Equipment Material

P.V.C rigid plastic plate, thickness 8mm

Diameter 10mm glass fiber rod, anti-rust

Temperature Range

Temperature Fluctuations

Temperature Uniformity

Temperature Precision

Spraying method

Continuous and Periodic spray type

Test Chamber Temperature

Saturated air Barrel Temperature

Brine Temperature

Spray Quantity

1.0~2.0 ml / 80cm2 / hr

PH value

Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS6.5~7.2)
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method(CASS)3.0~3.2

Lab Volume


Brine Tank Capacity


Multiple Safety Protection Devices

Current discharge protection, over pressure protection, over temperature protection, over load fuse protection


Testing Salt/ Measuring tank/Nozzle Equipment x 1 set

Air source

1HP Air pump (provided by buyer)

Test criteria

ASTM B117-08, ISO 9227...


1. 7-inch high-definition LCD touchscreen

2. Real-time monitoring(monitoring controller real-time data, signal point status, actual outputstatus)

3. Curve recording function

4. In the state of machine down,you can insert the U disk to export or upload data at any time, and theexported file can be viewed on the computer or converted to EXCEL format by therandom gift software.

5. The instrument is equipped witha USB port, which can directly drive and preview the mini printer through theport (optional)

6. Control adopts P.I.D + S.S.Rsystem co-channel coordination control

7. With the function of automaticcalculation, the temperature and humidity change conditions can be correctedimmediately to make the control more accurate and stable.