Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System

Group Environmental Vibration Test Chamber
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Update Time 2018-10-11
Item specifics
Product NameElectro-dynamic Vibration Testing System
Sine force (peak)30kN
Armature weight40 kg
Allowable eccentric moment>500 Nxm
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Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System


Electromagneticvibration testing machine is widely used in defense, aviation, aerospace, communications,electronics, automobiles, home appliances, and other industries. This type ofequipment is used for discovering the early faults, simulating the actualworking condition and the structure strength test, the product application iswide, the application width is obvious, the test effect is remarkable andreliable. Sine wave, FM, sweep, programmable, frequency multiplier, logarithm,maximum acceleration, amplitude modulation, time control, full functioncomputer control, simple fixed acceleration/fixed amplitude. Equipment throughcontinuous failure to run 3 months of testing, stable performance, reliablequality.

Performance Data Sheet

Shaker (Model# EDM-2000)

Sine force (peak)


Shock force (peak)

60 kN

Frequency range

52,600 Hz

Displacement (continuous)

100 mm

Max. Velocity

1.8 m/s

Max. Acceleration

75 G

Armature Diameter

445 mm

1st order resonant frequency

2,400 Hz

Allowable eccentric moment

500 Nxm

Armature weight

40 kg

HE/ST screw dimension

M10 (metric)

Axial vibration isolation frequency

3 Hz

Max. Payload

500 kg

Magnetic flux leakage

1 mT

Dimensions (L×W×H, unpacked)

1,330x860x1,250 mm

Weight (unpacked)

2,500 kg


Rubber mat (anchor bolts required)

Power Amplifier (Model# VSA-H323A)

Amplifier output

30 kVA


65 dB

Rated output voltage

120 Vrms

Amplifier efficiency


Dimensions (L×W×H, unpacked)

800x900x2,100 mm

Weight (unpacked)

500 kg

Blower (Model# PBL-W30)

Air volume

0.66 m3/s


15 kW

Air duct diameter

200 mm

Air pressure



Able to connect to ceiling (up to two 90 degree bends), max 20’ run

Horizontal Slip Table (Model# 30ST-600M)


600x600 mm


40 mm

Frequency limit

2,000 Hz

Effective mass

54 kg


1. High pressure oil-film bearing is used for better uniformity.

Vibration Controller and Accelerometer

Vibration Controller VT-9008-4

4 Channel Vibration Controller with Sine and Self Calibration.

Accelerometer   EA-YD-181

100mV/g, Range: 50g, Working Freq.: 1-10kHz, Weight: 11gram, with 10ft low noise cable

Other supported functions/accessories

Environmental chambers


Mobile devices


Insulation boards




Working environment of the system

Temperature range


Humidity range

090% , no condensation

Power requirements

380V/3ph/50Hz, 65kVA

Compressed air pressure

0.6 Mpa


Ultra mute work;The machine base uses the high quality material, installs conveniently, theoperation is smooth, does not need to install the The, the control circuitdigitization control and the display frequency, the PID adjusts the function,causes the equipment work to be more stable, reliable, sweeps the frequency andthe fixed frequency operation way, adapts to the different profession testrequest To solve the interference of the strong electromagnetic field to thecontrol circuit, and to increase the working time set, so that the test productreaches the accurate test time.

Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System

Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System